Uniwersalny relatywizm zazwyczaj oszczędza też matematykę. Łatwiej śledzić w historii skoki w naukach empirycznych i humanistycznych, niż odpowiedzieć na proste pytanie: jak to się stało, że Galileusz i Newton obrócili arystotelesowską fizykę w gruzy, a dowody Euklidesa wciąż pozostają w mocy?

Leszek Kołakowski

Maria-Skłodowska-Curie Secondary School of General Education No.8 has been widely known for high educational standards in science subjects. In 1968, for the first time in Silesia region, a course with extended mathematics program was established here. This mathematics and physics course with extended mathematics program has been offered till now and is commonly known as “Kwadraty” (“Squares”)


. The initiator of this course, Professor Teodor Paliczka, was a distinguished mathematics teacher. He had played a significant role in our school for around 50 years. At the initiative of Professor's students, Polish Mathematical Society, management and teachers of the Secondary School No.8, Professor Teodor Paliczka Award was established in order to reward students of our School with outstanding achievements in mathematics.


Every year the School is proud of a number of finalists and laureates in several competitions, especially in mathematical, physical and IT olympiads. There are some of our Olympians who are a part of Polish National Teams on international contests.

In 2016 Maria-Skłodowska-Curie Secondary School of General Education No.8 was ranked 3rd in Silesian Voivodship and 43rd in Poland, according to STEM ranking prepared by monthly magazine “Perspektywy”, which presents 200 secondary schools with best educational standards in science subjects. You can find more about STEM ranking here.

In our School there are several extracurricular activities, among them: Maths in English or Olympic Maths Group.

Thanks to good cooperation with Polish Mathematical Society our School is proud of hosting many remarkable professors coming here to give a mathematical lecture. “Spotkania z Matematyką” (“Meetings with Maths” ) , an annual two-day event organized with the help of Silesian Branch of Polish Mathematical Society, has become a school tradition.

Graduates of our School often choose technical, economic or science courses at universities. They start them with a great success and are known as excellently prepared for further education.

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